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Paragliding Repair Centre Prices

Our  PARAGLIDING REPAIR CENTRE is the only CERTIFIED paragliding repair facility In Australia.

We are fully equipped service and agent for: Advance, Aerodyne, Airwave, Apco, BGD, Flare, Flow, Bio-Air, Gin, Gradient, Mac-Para, Niviuk, Nova, Ozone, Paratech, Sky,  Skywalk,  Swing and Up.

And Also we are a Certified repair centre for Gradient, Nova, Skywalk, Flow and Apco.

We are certified to perform repairs and testing of paragliders and accessories in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards and design rules. Our workshop is fully equipped for performing any tasks of repairs, testing of paragliders, harnesses or paragliding accessories. We stock over 300 rolls of different types of fabric and over 20 000 m of lines used on paragliders.  No matter how bad your equipment is damaged , we can repaired it. Before conducting any repairs we provide  2 quotes for the repairs. ( full panels replacements, as new paraglider …. or section panel replacements)

– Porosity  and Fabric strength test  -$80

– Fabric Inspection  – $80 Standard Paraglider, mini $60, Tandem $120

– Line and Risers Inspection – $50 Standard, Mini $40, Tandem $60

– Lines stabilization and symmetry – to 5kg  $30   Or   to 15kg   $50

– Line strength test to breaking point with line replacement  – $50 per line, up to 3 lines, as needed.

–  Full Line Trim  $250 or Extra $30 if Paraglider has Soft links.

Low line replacement  $30 to $35 per line ( plus postage )  

– Top and Mid  line replacement $25 to $30 per line ( plus postage ) 

– Main brake line replacement $25 per line or 2 for $40 ( plus postage ) 

– Lines instalment including test flight :

4 Liners and motorised : $400 ,  – 3 Liners : $350,  – 2 Liners : $300

If soft links used, Extra $30

-Full panel replacement: price depending on length of each panel,  ribs, lines attachments, reinforcements etc….  we will give you a free quote after we have received your paraglider.

-Test flight inspection     $60   

– SKYWALK CHECK AIR with 2+2 Guarantee :

-Complete Check Air with Skywalk sticker including trimming $380

-If Skywalk requires some lines to be broken and replaced to specified overall strength of lines then the total cost including Skywalk sticker $450

Reserve parachute :

We recommend having your reserve repacked once annually. The annual repack increase your chance of a fast opening time. In our professional opinion, reserves that are 10 or more years old, should be retired regardless if they have been used or not, it comes to safety and overall fabric degradation over the years, we cannot offer repack service to reserve 10 or more years old.


  • Round $70
  • Square $80
  • Steerable $90
  • Beamer $100


Postage express less then 5kg $40

Postage express less then 6kg $60

Postage normal less then 6kg $50

If you are posting your paraglider to us, please wrap it up in Black plastic from the Hardware store without the back pack. Don’t forget to add your mobile number on the Return address with your paraglider so we can contact you soon as we receive it.

Post it to :

Paragliding Repair Centre

93 Princess Avenue


WA 6330

For more information ring Jiri : 0417776550


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